“What are the top misconceptions you want people to know?”

There are many misconceptions and lies or false beliefs out there that I could go on about, but I will just state my top 2 here:

1.) “Once I reach X pounds, I just know I will be happy and everything in my life will be okay.” Nope, I’m sorry, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, this is almost the complete opposite of the truth. It is like a hamster on a wheel. You won’t feel happier or better until you change what’s going on internally. Once you reach “X pounds” you will realize you are just as miserable and the goal will forever be changing. Focus on accepting yourself as you are and suddenly your appearance will be secondary and unimportant. Personally I fell into this trap and do you want to know a huge secret? My body image and self-esteem was just as bad at 56 pounds as it was at 221 pounds!

2.) “In order to be sick, have an eating disorder, or be in danger you have to be anorexic or skinny.” Please don’t get me started here. The bottom line is that eating disorders are equally deadly in all shapes, sizes, weights, ages and genders; period! Eating disorders do not discriminate; so don’t allow others or yourself to be in denial of their potential danger based solely on your appearance. I personally believe an individual’s appearance and weight should be one of the last indicators of health and severity of an eating disorder.

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