“What type of treatments did you try and what worked best?”

I have tried just about every type of treatment. I have done outpatient treatment with just a therapist. I have done intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) with a therapist, dietician, groups and a doctor. I have been to partial hospitalization programs (PHP) again with a therapist, doctor, dietician, groups and a psychiatrist. I have also been to residential treatment centers and inpatient, stabilization treatment programs. I have been to some psychiatric health facilities. I have also been to weight loss live in programs. At home, my parents briefly tried doing the Maudsley Method with me. My gym memberships were cancelled and my every behavior watched. My parents have tried locking our food pantry and only putting out the meal plan I was meant to eat. They also tried taking my keys and credit card so that I could not go out and binge. Honestly, between my family, professionals and treatment programs I have tried just about everything.

So what the heck worked? This is an answer I’m just now starting to piece together. All of the above contributed to where I am today. I believe that every little effort provided some forward movement and change even if it seemed to be a complete waste of time or failure in the moment. I do believe there became a time in my life late in my struggle where I honestly got so sick and tired of being sick and tired and I wanted something more for myself. I wanted to start playing tennis again. I wanted to start riding horses again. I wanted friends. I didn’t want food to control my every thought. I was tired of hiding in my house embarrassed of my appearance. Many things came together and having a therapist and support team you trust made all the difference for me.

So, in short, I may have to come back to this question, but do know that everyone’s recovery process is different and often lengthy with many ups and downs. But remember recovery isn’t linear and I don’t believe you ever really lose progress or go back to square one if you always keep picking yourself back up to try again.