Embracing My Insecurities

💭Hyperventilating – reminding myself to breathe💭

I have wanted to post a photo like this for so long it’s been tearing me up inside! I’ve hid my body in shame and I’ve destroyed my body in self-hate for most of my life. THIS is one of my biggest insecurities – my loose skin – my stomach. But thanks to the incredible community of friends I have here I want to learn to embrace and love my insecurities. #EmbraceTheSquish

When I stand up you probably wouldn’t even notice from the photo. Yet, my skin holds me back tremendously in self-confidence, to going swimming and to what clothes I wear – how tight or low cut. My loose skin has improved a lot just through time (years), proper exercise and nutrition. But I hate that I’ve just grown accustomed to still hiding myself in the “right” clothes so I don’t have to worry about it, rather than dressing in clothes I actually love.

I’m done hiding! This is my body and I want to learn to love all parts of it. I want to be proud of my body and treat it with the kindness it deserves. My skin is an awesome reminder of how hard my body fought to keep me alive and healthy throughout the years. It healed itself for me. This is the mindset I want to strive towards.

I’m not a big person, but there is also nothing wrong with me. I’m going to change just as we all are, but there’s never going to be a “perfect” moment to be body confident – it works the other way around. You’ll gain the confidence by leaving your comfort zone. I’m so grateful for the body positivity community and to my friends who have welcomed me, educated me, and shown me I can still be body positive and love myself at any size.

I don’t want to be ashamed or hide myself any longer. Thank you for accepting me and my journey as a whole. As nervous as I may be, this is the most liberating photo I’ve ever posted. The only “flaw” you’ll ever find is in your mind. ~Britt💜