NEDA Week 2015: “I Had No Idea…”


In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: “I had no idea…”


  • It would become my way to cope
  • It would isolate and change me
  • It would number me from reality
  • It would become my only friend
  • It would value being perfect over life
  • It would destroy my tennis dreams
  • It would take away my special horse
  • It would rip apart my family
  • It would rob me of growing up
  • It would make me hate myself more
  • It would possess me
  • It would make me an exercise addict
  • It would force me to leave college
  • It would place me on my deathbed
  • It would make me go bald
  • It would force me to relearn to walk
  • It would kill many people I knew
  • It would cause me to become obese
  • It would cause me to abuse laxatives
  • It would make me want to die
  • It would put me in and out of treatment
  • It would turn me into a hopeless case


But I also had no idea…

  • I would develop a newfound strength
  • I would start to find myself
  • I would be able to overcome it
  • I would find a new purpose
  • I would go back to college
  • I would ride and play tennis again
  • I would have great friends
  • I would repair my family relationships
  • I would learn to accept myself
  • I would begin to heal old wounds
  • I would be healthy and happy
  • I would turn hopeless into hope

Because I had no idea what an eating disorder was and would do to my life. But I do have an idea as to how I’m going to turn something so painful, so destructive and chaotic… And turn it into something so powerful, beautiful and inspirational. ~Britt

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