At first glance it’s easy to notice a very physical transformation. It’s easy to see that there was a lot of weight gained and lost. But weight is such a small byproduct of what the change is really about. Because it’s not about gaining and losing weight. It’s about:

Gaining independence, losing confinement

Gaining happiness, losing insecurity

Gaining friends, losing isolation

Gaining smiles, losing tears

Gaining dreams, losing regret

Gaining opportunity, losing misfortune

Gaining peace, losing panic

Gaining wellness, losing illness

Gaining reality, losing delusion

Gaining fun, losing boredom

Gaining responsibility, losing excuses

Gaining balance, losing instability

Gaining control, losing chaos

Gaining acceptance, losing ridicule

Gaining individuality, losing conformity

Gaining purpose, losing indifference

Gaining trust, losing doubt

Gaining boundaries, losing bullies

Gaining feelings, losing numbness

Gaining faith, losing anxiety

Gaining passion, losing obsession

Gaining flexibility, losing rigidity

Gaining healing, losing denial

Gaining forgiveness, losing punishment

Gaining respect, losing neglect

Gaining spontaneity, losing rules & rituals

Gaining role models, losing runway models

Gaining authenticity, losing manipulation

Gaining comfort, losing comparison

Gaining value, losing numbers

Gaining honesty, losing secrecy

Gaining a voice, losing silence

Gaining self-love, losing self-hate

Because you are gaining everything you’ve ever wanted and losing everything that’s ever made you feel less than. It has nothing to do with weight. It does however, have everything to do with how you treat, view and feel about yourself, that makes a difference. And do you see how what was gained and lost could easily be interchanged? Because, again, it’s not about weight. It’s about who you are as a person and that starts with how you feel about you as a person. It starts with you. It starts within. ~Britt



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