The list of those betting on my downfall was disturbingly long. The list of reasons for them to make such a bet was disturbingly certain. Equally as disturbing was the fact that for much of my disease I was blinded by its severity. Equally as disturbing is that I never, ever imagined a future for myself… happiness, health, confidence, success, friends, love, peace… What were such things?

Once I began regaining my life, the list of people in my mind I wanted to re-visit was still long. I wanted to show them they were wrong. I wanted to scream at them… Beat them to the ground and cry… Uncontrollably cry asking them why!? Why would you give up on me? Why!?

 I still have that list of people. But my reasons for wanting to see them again are so different now. I want to offer my insight, my journey… I want to make them rethink their roles as treatment professionals, as doctors, as therapists, as friends, as coworkers, as individuals, as loved ones… Because you hurt me, but I don’t blame you and I forgive you.

But I want you to never give up on anyone no matter what in the future. Because you were wrong. Science was wrong. Past cases were wrong. Your training was incomplete and your ability to believe fell short. I will show you one by one that nothing is impossible, that everyone is capable of healing their life despite all odds and I will teach you to believe and have hope.

And I want each one of you who know me or know a glimpse of my story to believe in yourself! I am no different than you. I am no stronger. But you have to find that strength and fight inside you and channel it towards the good.

I have a long list of people who bet on my downfall… but I now have an army of a list of people betting on my future. ~Britt

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4 thoughts on “Betting On My Life

  1. Thank you Brit for posting this – just what I needed. I, too, have a long list of those who say or have said I am hopeless .
    Your post has renewed my determination and drive to prove them wrong – for the very same reasons you allude to, I.e. : to help other ED sufferers via helping to redefine ED treatment approaches, and to give the hopeless hope.
    Thank you for your continued inspiration and encouragement!!❤️

    1. Hi Heidi! It is absolutely my pleasure and it makes me happier than anything to hear that this post was able to help you! I am cheering for you every step of the way and I know that you too have the same strength and fight to achieve your happiest and healthiest life. All my best to you! ~Brittany

  2. Brittany,
    Thanks so much for all your inspiration. I can’t wait to get your book! After battling anorexia I am now overweight. I finally decided to seek therapy again after opening up to my parents about my daily binging, despite the outside appearance of looking more healthy then anorexia. I’m looking forward to living life again!

    1. Thank YOU for being so courageous in sharing a part of your journey with me! I’m so proud of you for getting the help you deserve to get back to your happiest, healthiest self. We can’t and should not have to deal with this alone. Again, I am so incredibly proud of you and I am wishing you the very best! ~Britt

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