13 Lies About Eating Disorders That Almost Stopped Me From Reaching Recovery

Written By Brittany Burgunder. Published by Elite Daily

Too many people believe that losing weight will take care of all their problems.

Unfortunately, they equate the notion of “skinny” with happiness and being “perfect,” which is a dangerous connection to make. Although not everyone who diets will develop an eating disorder (a mental illness with the highest mortality rate), a significant number regrettably do.

I personally suffered for over a decade with a severe eating disorder in the forms of anorexia, exercise addiction, binge eating disorder and bulimia. Although my appearance drastically changed because of my behaviors, my mind nonetheless always remained the same. It was equally sick and destructive throughout, as my eating disorder made promises to me that ultimately could have led me to my grave.

Now that I am in recovery, I can painfully expose the lies, disguised as truths, that my eating disorder made me believe:

1. You’ll be happy once you lose more weight.

2. The more you restrict, the more you’ll feel in control.

3. If you focus on your weight, all your depression, anxiety and pain will disappear.

4. The longer you exercise, the stronger and better athlete you’ll be.

5. I will always be there for you, even when other people won’t.

6. I’ll help you love your body and feel confident in clothes.

7. Your diet starts tomorrow. Today’s the last day you can eat everything you want.

8. You’re already obese, so you might as well keep destroying yourself.

9. You binged, so you have to purge and restrict.

10. You are alone in this struggle. I’m your identity and your only company.

11. Only anorexia is dangerous.

12. You should be ashamed to ask for help.

13. You will never recover.

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