You Had It All Along


It’s really easy to feel so broken. And it’s really easy to feel as if your life is so rigid, out of control, and like there is only one way to live. But this isn’t true. Really take a quiet moment and ask yourself some tough questions …

“Could I skip exercising without extreme anxiety? And would I be able to continue eating normally without restricting?”

“What would happen if I stopped counting macros, weighing food, and eating out of Tupperware?”

“I just binged. I can’t purge. What’s really the worst that could happen?”

“When I turn to food to fill myself up – what do I really need to be filled with instead that I am not receiving?”

We live in a world where people are rapidly searching externally for answers to happiness – for a way to numb out pain – for a way to feel a sense of belonging and self-esteem. But you will always feel a sense of emptiness and you will forever be on a hamster wheel going nowhere until you realize that the answers to everything you need are already within you. 

Think back to when you were young. You know how to eat. You know how to laugh, to smile, to have fun. Don’t overcomplicate life. Don’t push your truth away. Go live fully alive, and watch your whole life transform. ~Britt


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2 thoughts on “You Had It All Along

  1. That is so true I forget how simple is was when I was young girl I would wake up when I wasn’t in school early still and go swimming, roller skating and just happy being with my friends then come home and eat my mothers wonderful Mexican food without a thought of caloric intake I really want to get back to that frame of mind . Lots of love to you Britt

    1. I have similar memories as well! I was always happily active – I loved doing agility with my dogs for fun outside, I would explore on the mountain behind our house, I was always riding my bike and of course I was involved with tennis and horses at a young age. Food was something I absolutely loved and always enjoyed – it was truly as simple as that and my biggest concern was always what flavor of ice cream we had in the freezer that night or if it would be my dad cooking or my mom cooking. This is one of my favorite posts as I really needed the reminder myself as to how beautiful and simple life is, and also how enjoyable it is. We are obviously older now, and a lot wiser, but so much information that has been instilled into our minds is really just nonsense, harmful and takes us away from living our best lives. This post was a reminder for me that I need to continue to trust myself to keep letting go and to keep breaking all the rules I grew up learning to believe true (negative truths) – and that all of you beautiful souls can do the same. I’m sending all my love right back to you <3

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