•You’ll trust your life has meaning
•You’ll forgive yourself for thinking there was something wrong with you …
•You’ll do your best every day
•You won’t compare yourself to others
•You’ll follow your heart; not ego
•You’ll go live & forget social media often
•When you’re sad; remember that it will pass & you need it to feel joy
•When you’re angry; remember to express it in a healthy way & that it’s not a bad emotion or one to feel ashamed of
•When you’re anxious; remember that almost everyone is at one point. Breathe. You’re beautifully human. Put yourself first & take care of you
•When you’re lonely; remember that you are good enough unconditionally & tough situations don’t last, but tough people do
•When you’re questioning life; remember that without you, others would break in a million pieces & your presence alone has worth
•That mirror you look into – please see what a heart of gold you have
•See YOU! See how you try, how you think, how you can move, how much your body does for you
•The only measurement that will ever matter is how much you lived life to its fullest
•It’s time to quit making life so hard
•It’s time to take back your voice, your power, your dreams & your life
•Because sometimes we have to go to Hell and back just to learn how precious and how simple life really is
•And sometimes others don’t make it
•But that won’t be you – we can learn from each other and grow together
PROMISE ME you’ll love yourself, take care of yourself, do what makes you happy, and realize that you have the power to change your life NOW. ~Britt💜

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6 thoughts on “Promise Me

  1. It can be a battle everyday however I promise to love myself. Thank you Britt again you are a beautiful light in this world that can be so dark at times. All my love to you.

    1. It IS a battle everyday … until it isn’t anymore … I PROMISE <3 Know how completely normal and true what you just said is and that it will all get easier with time and be the most worthwhile journey you'll ever embark on. You shine your light right back to me - don't forget that. I'm sending you my love always <3

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