The Roads We Choose



•We’re all walking down the same road
•Some of our roads are different colors
•Some of us walk differently
•But we’re all walking together hand-in-hand
•Why do you think you’re so alone?
•It’s okay feel. It’s okay to be unsure
•You aren’t meant to have life all figured out – ever
•Change, healing & growth is uncomfortable
•Change, healing & growth will lead you to everything you’ve dreamed of, if you’re willing to stand up to fear
•You’re more than brave enough
•Believe in yourself
•Why do you see such beauty in others – speak such kindness to others – yet excuse yourself as the exception?
•I see your beauty. I now see my own beauty too & it has nothing to do with externals
•Life can be hard. Know you aren’t a defective, or bad person if everything feels suffocating – so overwhelming
•This just means you’re human. Breathe. It’s okay! You’re okay
•Surround yourself with positive support & good people. Put yourself first
•The strongest people I know are those that don’t give up & practice loving themselves just as they are
•Remember – you are good enough unconditionally
•We’re all walking down the same road
•But some of us are further ahead
•And some of us have chosen to illuminate our roads – so that others can see that they too can trust their way down a better road. ~Britt💜

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