If It Weren’t For You


We all have reasons to fight – to keep going – to overcome great odds. Sometimes we get a little lost at first – and we fight against ourselves instead of for ourselves. A huge part in my recovery has been you. I thank you for your support, kindness and friendship.

And I thank you for choosing to courageously walk this journey with me. Our paths don’t have to be the same. It is in us bravely uniting to become our very best selves through this beautiful mess called life that makes us unstoppable.

Many of you say I’ve helped you, or that I am an inspiration to you. You have helped me. You inspire me! This is not about me – this is about us – this is about all of us deciding we are unconditionally good enough right now!

There is so much good in the world, in others, and there is infinite good in you. Be proud of yourself everyday. Know you are good enough unconditionally and that your personal best is all that matters. Keep moving forward – a fall is only a fall if you decide so. Get back up. Let yourself make mistakes – be authentically imperfect and grow stronger because of it. The rewards are priceless. I want you to experience what I so gratefully have now – a life of peace and a life that makes me happy.

Always hold in your heart that you aren’t alone. Always hold in your heart that you are capable of anything – you have to believe it. Your passions matter. Your story matters. Your feelings matter. Your existence matters. Your dreams matter. YOU MATTER. ~Britt💜

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