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It was such a pleasure to take part in David Susman’s Stories of Hope interview series! He asked some great questions and it’s my hope you’ll be able to take something positive away from my answers. Remember that you aren’t alone, and that it’s the tiniest steps that never give up that climb the highest.

Stories of Hope: An Interview with Brittany Burgunder

Recently, I asked author and mental health advocate Brittany Burgunder about her history of mental health challenges, her memoir and about some of her current advocacy activities. Here’s our interview:

DS: Tell us about your childhood and when you first started becoming aware of concerns related to eating. How did these issues develop over time before you sought treatment?


DS: What was the turning point that led you to decide to seek help?


DS: What has your treatment consisted of, and what have you found that has worked well for you?


DS: How are things going for you now? What have you learned that has helped you stay positive and healthy?


DS: You’ve been active in eating disorders advocacy and you wrote a compelling and honest memoir about your journey. Tell us a little about your book and how it came about, and about your current advocacy activities.


DS: What would you like to say to encourage others who are still working on their journey of recovery?


To read the full interview click HERE

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