A Life Always Worth Living


Everything always works out, and everything is meant to be … but you have to trust that … you have to let go. This has been one of the hardest and simultaneously, best years of my life. I’ve never loved more, grieved more, smiled more, or been completely confused and in shock.

I’ve done more this year personally and publicly than I ever thought possible. I’ve had incredible things come into my life I never expected. And just as fast – I’ve lost things in my life I never would have expected.

But through the tears, the confusion, the emptiness, the feelings of being completely lost … I was left with myself. Truly left with myself … absolutely alone. Nothing to numb the pain, my thoughts, the questions, the unknown. And it was the most beautiful thing that could have happened.

💞YOU have to stand alone with YOU💞

I can’t tell you when life will “make sense,” but I can tell you that you’re never alone. I can tell you that you can survive your fears – you can survive yourself – you can love yourself. And in doing that – you take back a sense of power, peace, love and compassion that will help you trust in the beauty of this life. Trust me until you trust for yourself.

I have grown more this year than I have in my whole life. I know who I am. I promise you there is so much reward in showing up as you are – feeling how you feel. I promise those feelings won’t last either. Because there were many times this year I was sure my heart would break … now I know it’s made of diamonds. ~Britt💎💓💎

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