Every Moment Is A Beginning

“My favorite thing about everything is that you have the power to change anything.” – Cleo Wade

Happy 2017! Remember that each and every moment you are growing. Not a single day is a loss. It is in times of question that we get to decide how we are going to answer. Your life is beautiful, unique and exactly as it should be. Be proud of who you are and how far you have come, but do not dwell on, “could have/ should have/ if only.”

The best part about life and the best part about you, is that right now can be the start of something new. Let your past strengthen you; not scare you. Let the voices in your head empower you; not extinguish you. Let your passions drown out any ounce of fears you have.

It’s time to live fully alive – to be present and experience life in the way we were so lovingly meant to. Stop hiding. Let your true self out of its cage. You were meant for great things – don’t settle for less, or convince yourself otherwise. You aren’t alone, and you are important simply because you exist.

If you feel like things are dark – know this: You are simply a seed growing up through the ground so that you can blossom and flourish. Trust your process. Believe in yourself. It’s time for us all to rise higher – together. ~Britt

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