Take a Stand and Focus on the Positive



It’s so easy to fixate on that one negative comment when we receive 50 other positive ones. Why do we do that to ourselves!? You aren’t alone. I think we grow up comparing ourselves to such unrealistic ideals that we almost wait on the sidelines for a “flaw” or “fault” to randomly occur so we can justify our low self-esteem.

Can we all take a stand together right now to end this thinking? I dare us to fixate on the positives from now on

This is a reminder to you just as it is to me. It hurts when people make judgements about you – especially publicly. But I want you to remember that if you are being that brave to share parts of yourself that are so vulnerable – know that those you help far outweigh those who choose to find fault. And even if you only helped one person – doesn’t that make it worth it anyway? To me it does and that’s what I need to remind myself of.

Your past will always be a part of you that gave you your individual confidence and strength. It’s your gift to make you better and to make the world better. Don’t hide it. Don’t fear it. Certainly don’t mold your past to avoid criticism. It shaped you into the wonderful person you are today. If you live life numb then sure – you don’t experience pain, but you also don’t experience joy. So please never be afraid to share all of you. Someone will always need your voice. And if someone chooses to be the smaller person and publicly say mean things or not understand, just let it go. It’s not in your control. It’s not worth your time. If our stories were for everyone – how boring would that be? Everyone you meet has something different to teach you.

You owe no one an explanation of your journey unless they earn that key into your beautiful heart. What matters is your growth. Find good people to support the steps of empowerment that you take. And know there are infinite ways that lead to the top of the mountain – that’s what makes you and your personal journey so admirable. Don’t try to change your path. Don’t listen to the whispers that don’t align with your truth. The only wrong way up is deciding that you quit. I know none of us are quitters here. So let’s keep walking. ~Britt💜


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