Highlight Reels Aren’t Real Life

I’d like to share my life more personally – the highs and lows – because it helps me and I believe it helps others feel less alone to see others navigate different experiences. These past months have hit me hard. I don’t wake up everyday ready to conquer the world. Recently I’ve had more days where it’s been tough to conquer getting out of bed. That’s okay. Because I know it will pass. I know I’m healing.

I judge myself so harshly, but that’s part of the stigma I’m also so passionate about fighting. I am working on giving myself the same compassion I give others. When you’re having a bad day it’s easy to pile on the “flaws” instead of your blessings. I am my own worst critic. Lately my anxiety has been worse, my PTSD has been terrible and I’ve felt so lonely.

I don’t love my body all the time and there are days I wonder what my life would be like if I never went through any of the struggles I did. I have loose skin from losing about 100lbs. I practice intuitive eating, but don’t always succeed. I am seeing a dietitian and therapist again for extra support. I have goals in life I am so passionate about, but fear likes to creep in and tell me to settle for the safe route.

I don’t mean for this post to sound like a rant or that I’m ungrateful because my intentions are the opposite. I wouldn’t trade my journey for anything and I feel blessed beyond measure. I am so fortunate that I get to share my experiences and that is my intent even though this post isn’t upbeat. It’s okay to share this too.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up with wanting to be everything to everyone that I forget what I value most and that is growth, authenticity and bettering oneself. Self-care is vital. It’s okay to hit road bumps, but only let them slow you down so you can continue on your destination with more clarity and strength. Never be afraid to reach out for help, or feel embarrassed that you can’t just “snap out of it.” All I want you to promise me is that you never give up. Know things will get better and you’ll rise higher. This, I know to be true. ~Britt💜

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