Growing Pains

Healing hurts. It gets worse before it gets better. I’ve healed on many, many occasions and I’m going through another healing process right now. Some things I’m reminding myself of:
👉Healing should never be looked upon as a weakness.
👉It in fact, takes great strength to honor the parts of you that have fallen a few steps behind.
👉Temporarily you might have to alter your life so that you focus on mending these parts of you.
👉This can feel like the wrong choice, especially when you’re used to living a busy, forward moving lifestyle.
👉But you have to remember this does not take away from how far you’ve come.
👉Also, by healing yourself now, you are only going to come back that much more able in all areas in your life.

It’s not too hard to recognize or determine the cause of physical pain – get a blood test and find something wrong for example. All across the world physical pain is understood. I’ve had my fair share of 10/10 pain and I still like to pretend I can handle it. But I will always tell you that the mental pain I have gone through still far outweighs that 10/10 pain scale. But who could really see? You can’t get a simple blood test for your mind.

I’m here with my arms wide open to tell you that you are safe, loved, understood, and everything you are experiencing shouldn’t be so difficult to explain. I get it. I wish more people did too. But plenty of people have such compassionate and caring hearts. Don’t suffer in embarrassment – because I did recently. You come first. End of story! I’d rather be embarrassed 100 times than wait for the 1 time it’s too late. Can you make the same promise to yourself?

Healing and growth are contagious. As much as you might shudder as those raw emotions begin to surface – you’ll equally embrace them knowing this is a huge key in releasing burdens you were never meant to carry. Sometimes things fall apart so we can rebuild them in a much stronger, meaningful way. Keep going. It might get harder, but stick it out and you’ll soon see why it was the best choice of your life. ~Britt💜

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8 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. Thank you sooo much for those beautiful words of courage and kindness. I have been struggling however healing too. I’ve taken some time off work to take care of my soul. You’re so right running around being busy and passing out tired then restless sleep. I crashed physically and my anxiety out of sorts. I honor your courage to speak about your struggles and how you say that we are brace to recognize that we have to take care of ourselves. First and foremost!! You inspire my heart and soul. With much love !!’

    1. I can’t tell you enough how much your words mean to me! <3 I can relate to you so much as well and it took me a while in my journey to truly get to where I'm at now and realize all this. I realized it long ago, but never wanted to truly put myself first - I was too afraid. It feels AMAZING to do so now and I'm so happy you are doing the same! We are only going to go that much further in life and be that much happier because of the work we are doing right now. I"m SO proud of you and I'm sending you my love always <3

  2. Such an inspiring and amazing article. You are such a shining example for so many.
    Thank you for sharing 💜💕

  3. I just finished reading your book and it was like a mirror of my life. The rituals, thoughts, emotions, triggers etc.
    Reading about it through another helps me feel less like a freak and that Im not alone, unique or untreatable. Im just waiting for the day the tunnel vision opens up a little more and I can finally see the full potential that I have and the opportunities life has to offer.

    1. WOW!!! Thank you SO much for not only reading my book, but for your kind words! Hearing that you can relate obviously makes me sad, but you also make me feel less alone too, so thank you for sharing. You are ANYTHING but alone and so many others struggle with similar stories. You also have EVERYTHING within you to overcome all your challenges and turn them into triumph. I’m still learning about myself everyday and strengthening my recovery, but it is the most rewarding journey I could ask for. If you keep trying, have support and patience – you too will find the light you’re looking for. One step at a time – you are so much stronger than you believe and it’s the baby steps that will lead you to freedom. Thank you so much again for taking the time to write this. I’m always here if you need anything and I’m cheering for you and sending you all my love <3

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