A Letter To My Body


I haven’t been a good friend to you for most of my life. I hated you, I blamed you, I abused you, and I wished you away. I was convinced it was you that caused my unhappiness, loneliness and anxiety. It’s easier to come to justifications rather than acknowledge the truth.

But you didn’t share my same attitude or beliefs. You kept giving your all to me – you fought for my love and acceptance. You fought for my health. You fought for my life. Everyday you functioned no matter what I unfairly asked of you. You allowed me to be an athlete, a good student and a nice person, and you kept fighting to keep me alive even when it didn’t seem possible. You never judged me or hurt me. You patiently waited until I opened my eyes and realized the truth you tried to show me all along.

I’m so sorry and I thank you for forgiving me. I cry tears knowing you love me, and the opportunity I now have to unconditionally love you back. You were never the problem – you were the answer. I tried to escape, when really, everything I was searching for was already within me. I will now give you the same compassion and kindness that I have always given to others. Thank you for welcoming me back with open arms. There’s no place like a loving home.

❌⭕️ ~Britt💜

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2 thoughts on “A Letter To My Body

  1. You are truly a magnificent woman; the compassion you have for everyone. The strength you have and the knowledge you have now, and willing to help others while you yourself were still fighting. You have shown me a total stranger; more love and compassion then some of my family did growing up. I am way more knowledgeable in a little over 10 months then the 45 yrs I have existed on this great planet. You are 1 tough cookie and I love your spirit, compassion knowledge and your friendship. Keep up the fight and the great work you do! Your a very special woman and I love ya. Wen

    1. WENDY!!!!!!!! I will keep these words of yours forever in my heart! <3 I can't thank you enough - you have also left SUCH a positive impact in my own life. Your friendship and kindness is so appreciated and that is who YOU are! You are an amazing person unconditionally - inside and out <3 <3 <3

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