Makeup is fun! Not a requirement! It’s simple to compare ourselves to others and trick ourselves into believing they’re “flawless,” or that’s how they naturally look. Seeing isn’t always believing. We are all bare faced underneath it all.
I’ve struggled with severe cystic acne from a young age. My nickname growing up was “Chicken Pox!” I was so embarrassed and relieved when I discovered the gift called foundation. It made my acne a little less visible, but I hated trying to make it look like I wasn’t wearing any when my peers had “perfect” skin.
Not long thereafter, once I entered middle school and high school, it was odd if you didn’t wear makeup. This is still the case today. With adults, young kids, work, going out – even exercising. WHY has applying chemicals to our face become the norm? The expectation? The necessity in order to fit in and stand out, both personally and professionally? I don’t have a scientific answer and I too am guilty of almost always wearing a little makeup when I leave the house.
With the influential and conventional addition of the social media age, it only highlights how blurred the lines can get between reality and artificial appearances. Knowledge is power. When you’re scrolling through the internet, watching TV, or simply going about your daily activities – remember that you only get a glimpse of people. Don’t take everyone at face value (no pun intended!)
Wear makeup because you want to, because it makes you feel good, because you like yourself. Don’t use it to hide behind, because you have to, because you feel insecure. Some of the “prettiest” faces hide the most pain and some of the purest faces hold the most loving hearts. Remember you are beautiful with makeup. You are also beautiful without makeup – even more so. ~Britt💜

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7 thoughts on “Face Value

  1. Again another wonderful inspiration!! I wish I could just throw my hair up in a ponytail and not wear makeup and go to work. However I deal with the community and represent a county office and must look as society has labeled it “professional”. I wish I could work on radio wear only my voice was heard. However I have invested so many years in this current profession that really wouldn’t be an option. For fun maybe….again you are very beautiful inside and out!! Hugs to you

    1. Thank you so much! <3 And I can relate to a lot of what you said as well -it's unfortunate that makeup does seem to be this unspoken requirement. However, I try to take it off as soon as I get home, or if I have a day where I'm not at work. Also really changing my mindset has helped. I'd be ideal if we could all never wear makeup if we didn't want to, but I try to just see it as fun/a tool and remind myself that it doesn't define my worth or beauty. YOU are so beautiful inside and out - never forget that! <3

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