This Too Shall Pass


😕💪🏻 #TB -I’m having one of those days where I’m overwhelmed, overthinking and doubting myself. But the key thing I’ve learned is this is how I feel, not who I am. I hope you take to heart how NORMAL it is to have days like this because it took me a long time to understand. I couldn’t sit with moments like this … so I ran. But sooner or later you realize you’re running on a hamster wheel going nowhere. I do not like feeling this way, but I know it will pass. It’s worth it to stay -to see a better day.

We lose many things in life. But there are much more meaningful things we will gain in its absence if we keep our hearts and minds open. “No” is one of the most powerful, important and learned words to fear. I used to believe something catastrophic would happen if I didn’t say, “yes.” But there’s nothing inspiring about running yourself into the ground at your own expense. I experienced this the hard way. How many times do we know the right answer, but don’t follow it through with action?

Your mental and physical wellbeing is always more important than any amount of check marks you can put by your to-do-list. Pace yourself. Trying to do everything at once will only cause you to burn out and have nothing left. Don’t ever underestimate how difficult it is to do the internal work and overestimate the importance of the external work you present to the public. I promise you won’t go far for very long, nor will you find lasting happiness, if you live for others.

Today I:
▪️Got some work done
▫️Cried many overdue tears
▪️Visited my Golden Retrievers
▪️Blasted my favorite music
▫️Did a lot of therapeutic writing
▪️Told myself I did enough – I am enough
Whatever you need to do to get through each day is enough! If you’re having a tough time, not in a good mood, or having an insecure day. It’s okay! Me too! We all do! But please don’t run from it. Don’t run from yourself. The most admirable accomplishment is to continue to say, “Yes!” … to yourself. ~Britt💜

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