Same Difference

🔸Left: same time      🔹Right: same time
🔸Left: same spirit     🔹Right: same spirit
🔸Left: same beliefs  🔹Right: same beliefs
🔸Left: same health   🔹Right: same health
🔸Left: same goals    🔹Right: same goals
🔸Left: same beauty  🔹Right: same beauty
🔸Left: same love      🔹Right: same love
🔸Left: same body     🔹Right: same body
🔸Left: same joys      🔹Right: same joys
🔸Left: same heart    🔹Right: same heart
🔸Left: same dreams 🔹Right: same dreams
🔸Left: same mind     🔹Right: same mind
🔸Left: same journey 🔹Right: same journey
🔸Left: same values  🔹Right: same values
🔸Left: same skills     🔹Right: same skills
🔸Left: same smile    🔹Right: same smile
🔸Left: same girl        🔹Right: same girl
🔸Left: same worth    🔹Right: same worth
The only difference there ever was occurred in my head -in my personal perception and sight of myself. My eyes told my mind that the “left” and the “right” were two different people. The girl on the left didn’t used to be treated the same. But now I know the truth – for loving only one view of me is incomplete. And to genuinely be whole – you have to look within. ~Britt💜

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