Underneath It All

??Share some facts/ anything you want about yourself in the comments!
?I think I’m more afraid of success than failure, but this is something I’m working on.
☺️I’m pretty shy, but once I’m out in public or around people, I feel confident and it’s also when I’m happiest.
?On the same note, I actually have few close friends my age who live near me, so I get lonely sometimes.
?Halloween is my favorite!
??I started riding horses when I was 3 and playing tennis when I was 6. I love them both for different reasons.
?The Lion King! Always the best. Don’t argue with me on this!
?I often feel like I’ve lived 100 lifetimes because of everything I’ve gone through and learned. But I missed out on a lot too. I feel very mature and very young at the same time.
?Helping others, connecting with others, making a positive difference no matter how small -that is my passion.
?I published my first book last year, “Safety in Numbers: From 56 to 221 Pounds, My Battle with Eating Disorders -A Memoir,” and I’m currently working on the sequel.
?I’ve never smoked, done drugs or gotten drunk.
?I’m usually pretty self-motivated, but I have plenty of days where I just want to stay in bed, cry and eat all the chocolates and pizza (This actually happens though -embrace it).
⛈I really love thunderstorms and nature in general. I’ll play in the mud or go exploring any day!
?I’m intense when it comes to work, athletics and myself. But I’m also incredibly down to earth, laid back to hang out with, and I genuinely appreciate and love the simplest things.
?No I won’t share my ice cream!
?It’s actually hard for me to relax. Working on this too!
?I sing all the time, but that’s for my ears and my ears only!
?My biggest flaw and strength is that I work too hard, care too much about others and want to change the world for the better now!
?I am okay with just about any animal. Except spiders … not okay!
?I’m extremely approachable, usually upbeat, friendly and compassionate -this is something I love most about me.
??My greatest success will forever be choosing to heal my life and myself.

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10 thoughts on “Underneath It All

  1. I LOVE:
    *Hitting a down-the-line forehand winner.
    *Intense weather and anything to do with meteorology.
    *South Park.
    *Captivating a large audience.
    *Hiking above 13,000 feet.
    *The Orioles, Capitals and Wizards … and Washington’s football team.
    *Golden retrievers.

  2. My mantra I say during yoga is: I’m getting better every day. I strongly believe we should all tell ourselves this frequently as we’re all hard on ourselves and most of us our recovering from some trauma in our pasts.

    1. I LOVE this and you couldn’t be more right – our minds and self talk are the MOST powerful and influential parts of us and we get to choose to fuel our thoughts with positives or negatives. I love you so very much <3

  3. I’m a recovering addict, alcoholic and ED sufferer.
    Nowadays, I get “high” off lifting others up, creating anything with glitter and long distance running.
    I ain’t got no type–the goths, the jocks, the brains, the class clowns–I got along with them all throughout my school years and saw pieces of myself in everyone I got to know.
    My favorite reputation I garnered was that I would “talk to anyone.”
    That being said, my close, inner circle… was always very small (party of one!)
    When I was 18 I covered my entire bathroom wall in one massive, cohesive, laminated collage–psychedelic neon colors galore. As strange as it may seem, it’s one of my proudest accomplishments and favorite end results of raw self-expression.
    I’m a firm believer that dandelions are flowers.
    I have an intense love/hate relationship with most holidays for reasons I can’t really explain or understand.
    I have always hated my birthday.
    I still have reoccurring dreams of my childhood home; those are bittersweet mornings to wake up to.
    Some of my favorite memories of the past happened in passing.
    I’m utterly convinced that Grounded for Life is the best show to ever grace the air. And Uncle Eddie is my spirit animal.
    My lifelong passion is WRITING! I’d love to put together a book of short pieces–a little of this, a little of that. Flowery nothings to pique the imagination and soothe the soul.
    I’m forever grateful to those who have the hearts, the guts, and the selflessness to so bravely share their story with others, and equally grateful for all the many second chances I’ve been given to continue writing mine. <3

    1. This was SO beautiful to read! YOU are so incredibly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! I too have such a creative side that I love, but don’t spend as much time engaging in as I’d like. I’m not technically good at art or anything like that, but I love letting myself freely embrace that side of me. I too was someone who would always talk to anyone, stand up for anyone – it took me a long time to give that same kindness back to myself. I didn’t know Dandelions weren’t flowers! I am in complete agreement with you that they ARE flowers! I too have a love/hate relationship with the holidays, which is something I’ve heard a lot now from many people, so I don’t feel so alone about that one anymore, but I can’t quite put my finger on it either. I hope you continue to pursue your writing! It is single handedly my most loved outlet and a passion of mine. You and I have a lot in common and I want to thank you again for sharing this because I enjoyed getting to know you more and crossing paths with such an awesome person! <3

  4. I am very sensitive, however will not let other people whom I’ve just met know that.
    I love heavy metal, makes me very excited when I hear a good song.
    I love it when it rains.
    I love it when it’s sunny.
    I love my job and hate it at the same time. Only hate it because of the terrible things that people do to other people in this world.
    I feel truly blessed to understand why we have and so need a judicial system. I love the law.
    I have a wonderful ability to calm people down.
    I love to dance and sing. I keep the singing part when I am driving alone. lol
    I love animals they are so trusting and defenseless, sometimes I prefer them over certain people.
    I love to sleep in late on my days off and could literally lay in my bed watching tv all day at times. (it’s very therapeutic for me)
    I love it when I meet a good person who has nothing but good intentions without selfish motives.
    I do not like my anxiety and I do not like not feeling happy.
    I believe that I am a good person and would help anyone if I can.
    I have a tendency to be very moody and wish I wasn’t.
    I love to laugh at myself because you have to learn how to do that. Why give someone else that pleasure…lol
    I love my friends that really understand me and especially love my beautiful daughter who is 28 years old and everyone thinks we are sisters.
    I do consider myself a happy person. I have to keep reminding myself of the blessings Christ has bestowed on me.
    One more thing….yes I love the Lord Jesus Christ and am a God fearing woman.

    1. WOW!!! You and I are SO similar with so many things that you mentioned! This was truly such a pleasure to read, learn more about your beautiful self and to realize so many admirable qualities you mentioned that I love too about myself. I also love it rain or shine and I have a great way with calming others down (though it’s still hard to give myself that same patience and compassion at times). I’m right with you on the singing! I love it! But only by myself haha! And animals – YES! They have been such a vital part of my entire life, healing and happiness and I feel the same way about them as you do. I always laugh at myself too! Oh goodness you have one lucky daughter! I can pretty much relate to every single thing you wrote! You continue to be such a light in my life that keeps shining brighter and brighter. I hope you know how much I appreciate you and how much YOU are one of those good people in my life with the best intentions. Thank you always and know I’m sending my love always too.<3

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