No, never. Yes, always!

•Never did it even occur to me I’d one day be comfortable in my own skin.
•Never did I think I’d look into the mirror with any reaction other than disgust.
•Never did I believe I’d stop trying to mold myself into unattainable perfection.
•Never did it cross my mind I’d share a photo such as this publicly and be okay.

🚫Never is a strong word. A dead end and constricting belief🚫

•Always you can have hope.
•Always you can change.
•Always you can learn and grow.
•Always you are important and lovable.
•Always you hold within you the ability to choose acceptance, forgiveness and healing.

May you never count yourself out and live a life that’s restricted.
May you always hold your head high, dream big, and not give a damn what others *might* think. ~Britt💜

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