👇Many of you need to hear this:
•Depression is awful
•Anxiety is awful
•OCD is awful
•PTSD is awful
•Anorexia is awful
•Exercise addiction is awful
•Orthorexia is awful
•Binge eating disorder is awful
•Bulimia is awful
•Health problems are awful …

‼️But when you’re “in it” -you won’t see, feel, understand, and care!
And when you’re “out of it” -you will see, feel, understand, and care‼️

Both situations are painful, but only the latter is an open door that relieves and heals the pain progressively.

You have two choices:
👉1.) Avoid reality and continue living in an “awful” life you don’t deserve.
👉2.) Face reality and start living an abundant life you deserve.

Believe me, reality will hit you sooner or later -and I highly recommend choosing to wake up now! ~Britt💜

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