And Still … I Write


~When I was overwhelmed by my mind… I wrote

~When I felt alone and never good enough… I wrote

~When I had nobody I could be honest with… I wrote

~When I couldn’t voice that I needed help… I wrote

~When I could no longer function at school… I wrote

~When every step I took led me backwards… I wrote

~When I lost the ability to even take a step… I wrote

~When I felt like my life had no meaning … I wrote

~When I believed giving up was the answer… I wrote

~When I couldn’t make sense of the world… I wrote

~When I couldn’t make sense of myself… I wrote

~I wrote… and it saved me

~And still for reasons slightly similar- and dramatically different… I write. ~Britt💜
#SafetyInNumbers #SequelComingSoon

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