Top 10 Things I Learned Recovering From An Eating Disorder

These are the top ten things I’ve learned recovering from an eating disorder:

1.) It will feel like you’re going backwards for a while. You’ll want to turn back to ED even more. You’ll feel utterly lost and even lonelier. But you are actually moving forward -it’s just foreign territory.



2.) Your emotions will be a roller coaster. Ride the ride. They will normalize and soon you’ll embrace the ability to experience the world without being numb.


3.) You have to put yourself first. This often requires doing less externally and more internally. Do not confuse this shift as being lazy, a failure or selfish. It’s the exact opposite.


4.) Your body might change, but that’s no one else’s business. As you work on changing your mindset, you’ll find validation in yourself instead of others or the mirror.


5.) You will begin to notice your self talk change. Instead of constantly criticizing yourself -you’ll begin to comfort and cheer for yourself.


6.) You’ll start to notice new interests. Maybe you actually love painting or find singing fun. As your eating disorder leaves, you’ll have immense brain space and time to fill with new things. Everyday is a surprise as you learn more about your true self, and I promise you’ll like what you find.


7.) It takes a long time to heal. There is no set trail to follow or timeline. Let yourself move forward at your own pace and never say no to something because you think you aren’t ready. Recovery doesn’t mean putting your life on hold. Recovery means holding on so you can live your best life.


8.) Your relationships will likely change. People you once despised, you will thank and vice versa. You’ll let go of individuals and behaviors that once served you. This will cause anxiety at first. But soon enough this empty space will be replaced with the right people and routines.


9.) You will question often if things you do or say are a result of your eating disorder, habit, or who you truly are. As you keep moving forward you’ll gain more clarity. No one is perfect; being “recovered” does NOT always mean being happy or thinking you need to be superhuman.


10.) Finally, life gets so much easier! Recovery isn’t a finish line you cross that symbolizes “you did it.” Instead, recovery is a gradual process of choosing yourself over fear. You won’t be ashamed of your past; instead you’ll view it as a badge of strength. Life becomes abundant with the priceless lessons you learned and the remarkable ways you share them. ~Britt💜


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