Smart, Succesful, Starving: TMMC Eating Disorders Program

Intelligent…determined…focused. These are the character traits that helped make Brittany Burgunder a successful straight A student and varsity athlete.

These are also the same characteristics that helped fuel the severe eating disorder that almost killed her, causing her to drop below 60 lbs. at the most dangerous point during her illness. It was at this time that she was admitted to Torrance Memorial’s Medical Stabilization Program and placed under the expert care of Dr. Linda Schack, one of the country’s foremost experts in adolescent and adult eating disorders.

“They kept on trying for me, every possible option, even when I couldn’t and wouldn’t try on my own. No other program could have done what they did. Everyone else would have called my case hopeless, but they never did. They just kept believing and fighting until I decided to fight for myself.“

Brittany credits Dr. Schack and her exceptional team of nurses, nutritionists and therapists —all with years of experience treating the most complex eating disorder patients —with saving her life.

“I look back on that time with tremendous gratitude and love.”

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