When the Struggle is NOW

It’s easier to share vulnerable challenges when they are a thing of the past. You can breathe a sigh of relief -inspire others with a “you can do it too” attitude and receive congratulatory praise. But why is it so hard to open up when we are in the midst of struggle? Struggle can be experienced on many dimensions, such as  physical, mental, financial, work, school, relationships and … sometimes just getting out of bed, to name a few.
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I was terrified publishing my memoir … I still hold my breath every time someone asks about it or reads it. It’s a real-time diary of my life at that time. But at least I can say with confidence that it’s no longer a struggle of mine -it’s in the past. And that reply serves as a shield of armor against any possible criticism. 
But I will share with you now that I am struggling now! And that’s okay. 
In fact, it is actually one of the best ways to overcome difficulties in any capacity. It’s human to struggle. There is a subtle unspoken stigma attached to the word “struggle.” But it should not be a synonym for relapse, broken, incapable, or falling apart. And it is never a weakness or flaw within you. 
I’m struggling with my health. I’ll be okay and for the majority of time I am upbeat and positive, which has given me the strength to heal deeper and understand myself better. But then there are the days where I feel alone, I’m in pain, I feel helpless, I’m impatient and I am angry that life has given me hardships that I didn’t cause, nor can I control. This is the side of the struggle we go to great lengths to hide from the public eye. But I’ve learned faking a smile and saying, “I’m fine” only hurts and holds me back in the end. 
So if you’re struggling right now, you aren’t alone. Even if you don’t want to share it -try your best to open up to someone you trust in private. Give yourself the space to heal no matter what it is that needs extra care. With patience, you’ll come back that much wiser, stronger and fulfilled. 
There is so much bravery, authenticity and connection in showing up exactly as you are –those are words that I associate as synonyms for “struggle.” ~Britt?
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2 thoughts on “When the Struggle is NOW

  1. You bring me to tears with how authentic you write about yourself and what you are feeling.

    My heart beaks for you and…I know what you are going through is part of your journey to oneness and wholeness. Your courage and commitment to yourself awe me…and inspire me and others.

    You are such and amazing Soul Brittany.

    With deepest respect and admiration,

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