Mirror Mirror

💛My body and reflection were my worst enemies for many years. 

I felt trapped in who I was -someone who I believed to be unworthy and flawed. 

The mirror was a constant reminder that reinforced my self-hate. 

I didn’t see myself correctly. 

I didn’t see myself at all. 

The mirror reflects so much more than an image.

I am more than a body. 

And now the mirror helps remind me:

▪️I am strong

▪️I am courageous 

▪️I am lovable 

▪️My body deserves kindness 

▪️Don’t be so hard on yourself 

▪️You’re doing great!

▪️Believe in yourself 

▪️Love yourself

▪️I’m perfectly imperfect 

▪️I am enough

The mirror is not a war zone and your body is not a battleground. 

It takes time. 

To learn to love yourself. 

A little more each day.


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