Beauty Of Recovery

🌿Recovery takes on various shapes, sizes, emotions and feelings. Everyone has a different picture of how it might appear. But what I know to be true is that recovery …
Looks more beautiful than your perfectly posed pictures
With your six pack abs and trendy clothes.
Is more impressive than your self-control
And your clean and regimented diet.
Is more admirable than your accolades
And straight A’s in school.
And looks more attractive than a number on a scale
or your efforts to be thin.
Recovery looks like hard work.
It looks like teardrops on a cold lonely night
And a head full of confusion and questioning thoughts.
It’s an equal mix of brokenness and hope
With a lot of mistakes and courage along the way.
It looks like a mess —composed of vulnerability, breakdowns and belief.
And I have never seen a more magnificent sight.
There is an unmistakable beauty that radiates from those who choose to rise and rebuild. ~Britt💜
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