Be afraid of an eating disorder not recovery
?Recovery is anxiety-provoking, nerve-racking, panic-inducing, and terrifying … temporarily.
While an eating disorder is a deceptive master at disguising the terrors you’ll be left with.
And when all is said and done, you should be much more afraid of …
▪️Wasting time counting calories
▪️Missing out on social events due to food anxiety
▪️Canceling plans in order to exercise
▪️Experiencing detrimental health consequences
▪️Missing out on love, laughter, and new memories
▪️Having to buy special food when you travel
▪️Hospitals, doctors, blood tests and appointments
▪️Your hair falling out and bones becoming brittle
▪️Not being able to hold a job
▪️Missing out on pursuing your dreams
▪️Losing your independence
▪️Jeopardizing your education
▪️Isolating from friends to spend more time with ED
▪️Being exhausted all the time
▪️Avoiding the holidays and foods you love
▪️Ruining relationships by prioritizing ED
▪️Losing your sanity and ability to think clearly
▪️Watching another birthday pass you can’t enjoy
▪️Living a life riddled with guilt, rules, and lies
▪️Allowing the scale to dictate your worth
▪️And the lasting regret that comes from not choosing to recover sooner
So, you should be much more afraid of your eating disorder.
And you should know that all these terrors can be eased by choosing to recover. ~Britt?
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