Eating Disorder and Life Coach

My name is Brittany Burgunder, and I am a certified professional life coach (C.P.C.). I specialize in supporting clients with eating disorders, although I also mentor motivated individuals with other challenges who are ready to improve their lives. After overcoming my own struggles, I became passionate about helping others find their path toward recovery. My personal history gives me a unique perspective that enables me to help clients reach their goals.

I have over a decade of lived experience struggling with and recovering from eating disorders. I combine my extensive personal and professional experience to support you in finding your own unique steps toward:

  • Navigating recovery
  • Balance And Confidence
  • Achieving Personal And Professional Successes
  • Positive Self-Talk And Coping Mechanisms
  • Identifying And Taking Action Toward Your Goals
  • Simplifying Stressors

I meet you where you are, and we move forward at your own pace. You are safe, understood, and supported here.

Brittany Burgunder

Coaching Options

*Currently not taking individual clients.

In-Person, Phone, Skype

  • A typical client sees me once a week. We work through barriers holding you back, and I support you on your journey towards reaching your personal goals and best life.

Public Services & Multidisciplinary Coaching

I am available for an array of services. Some examples include:

  • Working with universities and schools to improve the well-being of students
  • Offering guidance to treatment facilities and clinics with my personal knowledge
  • Partnering with individuals, companies, and media to improve treatment and awareness of eating disorders
  • Confidential coaching for professionals looking to gain tools and insight to better help their own clientele, or self

Please contact me to inquire further about my services

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Brittany’s passion and compassion are incredible! She is a great resource for students, parents, and professionals! Her honesty, intelligence, and integrity give one a sense of hope and calm. Thank you, Brittany, and Living Out Loud!

-Mila Vujovich-La Barre

Brittany is the real thing. Intelligence, grace, and personality, plus she possesses courage and faith to overcome a dreaded disorder. Now, she is a valid leader in helping others.

-Larry Smith, CEO & Founder of Get Real Recovery

Brittany is an amazing woman and friend to all. She has helped me in a lot of ways mentally. She has shown me where my strengths and my weaknesses are. She is truly an amazing and loving woman. I highly recommend her!

-Wendy Horger

Brittany is truly one of the most inspiring, amazing, and truly loving and caring people I have ever met. I love having her guide me and support me on a daily basis.

-Wayne Swartz

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