Brittany Burgunder


Stress is an interesting thing. We need it, but not in the way we usually experience it. Stress can be healthy in that it can provoke change, heighten our focus or performance and alert us to a problem. But most often the things we stress about are completely out of our control and never even occur. Stress is often played out in the form of anxiety which means we are stuck in the future which also means our imagination is running wild because all we have is here; now. Consider this thought: I believe we sometimes unconsciously welcome stress because it’s easier to get worked up over something insignificant than actually feel the root of our discomfort. Put simply, stress can act as a barrier to what’s going on inside. Stress causes us to turn our attention outwards and sometimes that is easier.

But if you are constantly avoiding yourself then how will you ever move forward and realize that being alone with your thoughts and feelings isn’t such a scary thing? I challenge you to take a step back. Take a deep breath. Let it out. You’re okay. Stop planning. Stop trying to organize, control and micromanage things that 99% of the time won’t even happen and certainly won’t happen in the way our fear driven worst case scenario mind played them out to be. Be here, now! This is mindfulness and this is what can bring you a peace of mind. ~Britt

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