Brittany Burgunder


Eating disorders are complex in that they have some parallels to addiction, yet are also a disease. Like addiction, eating disorder behaviors such as bingeing, or purging, or exercising, or restricting, or abusing laxatives, etc. can produce a certain “high” and craving to continue the behavior. Unlike addiction, however people cannot abstain from food, which makes eating disorders incredibly difficult, but not impossible to achieve recovery. So, I’ve been thinking… what can those with eating disorders abstain from?

We can abstain from stepping on the scale. We can abstain from laxatives, diuretics and diet pills. We can abstain from cutting or self-harming behaviors. We can abstain from consuming and viewing toxic social media sites, people and pictures. We can abstain from purging. We can abstain from over-exercising. We can also abstain from restricting. Working with a dietician to know what the “right” amount is for you personally is what I recommend. Remember that recovery is not linear and there will often be ups and downs and you do not need to “do it” perfectly. Everyone has their own journey to their best self, so remember that comparison is an enemy here.

Can you think of anything else or any other behaviors that you personally could abstain from? ~Britt

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