National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2022


🌿February 21—27 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Personally, an eating disorder wreaked havoc in every aspect of my life and almost ended it. Through significant struggle, perseverance, patience and support, I was able to overcome and recover from my illness.

It is a privilege to now be able to shed light on the harsh realities of such a misunderstood disease. Eating disorders are highly complex medical and psychiatric illnesses that are influenced by many different elements including biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors. Despite common stigmas and media portrayals, eating disorders are not about food or weight; and you cannot tell who has an eating disorder based on appearance.

The recovery process is different for each individual and there are many resources and treatment options available to facilitate healing. Asking for help is never easy, but it is always courageous and in the case of eating disorders, it can save your life. Years ago, I didn’t realize I wasn’t alone in my struggle; I also didn’t recognize that recovery would mend my life and offer boundless gifts. Never lose hope and never give up —together these two beliefs can change your life. ~Britt💜

Click here for a list of further resources

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