Brittany Burgunder


How did I recover? There was never one thing, one person, or one defining moment I can recall that I can credit for my recovery. Rather, there are a myriad of factors that influenced me.

1.) THERAPY: I cannot stress enough how important this has been for me. I have seen many different therapists during my journey, and some helped me move forward more than others. Don’t be afraid to try different ones until you find the right fit. 

2.) DIETICIAN: For the majority of my struggle, I refused to work with a dietician. This is something I wish I had done earlier because eventually it was a dietician who helped me the most. Look for a registered dietician (RD), and if possible, one who specializes in eating disorders.

3.) TREATMENT TEAM: I have experienced every level of treatment over the years. Most of the time it was against my will, but it did save my life –at least physically. Psychologically, inpatient treatment did not help me very much. Nonetheless, I do recommend forming an outpatient treatment team that includes a doctor, therapist, dietician, and psychiatrist if needed. 

4.) SUPPORT: This can come from an array of sources. For me, it was my parents and sister who I credit the most. Eating disorders affect the entire family, but through the hardships we’ve only grown closer.

5.) ACTIVITIES: Finding positive ways to cope is vital. I found this in tennis, nature, horses, art, music, and of course, writing. These are all things that are still important to me. 

6.) MYSELF: Ultimately, I recovered because I chose to recover and do the work. There is no other way; it had to come from myself. 

My struggles and recovery encompass over a decade of my life. It takes time, patience, and perseverance. I cover my experience extensively in my first, and forthcoming memoirs. Often people hear my story and assume I must have done something special, or that I’m much stronger than they are. However, this is not true, and it’s why I am so passionate about this topic. The reality is –”If I can recover, anyone can.” ~Britt?

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