Brittany Burgunder


⚡️Pain is powerful —for better or worse. It has the ability to break those who seem invincible, and it has the capability to revive those who seem like a lost cause. The most potent type of pain is often the kind that cannot be seen. It’s insidious, and dresses itself in an invisible cloak. For example, what hurts more —breaking your wrist once and putting it in a cast? Or showing up every day only to be humiliated and teased by your peers? Not all pain hurts the same, and not all pain heals the same either. Some types of pain are obvious, loud and quick to leave. Other types are subtle, quiet and tend to linger.

Personally, I’ve experienced both. I have endured physical and mental misfortune. But it was the internal injury that crippled me most. There are no words that could ever adequately describe the agony that psychological wounds can cause. And there are no easy explanations to illustrate how it feels to battle your own mind. To hate yourself so much —that you’d be willing to hurt yourself to find relief. It won’t solve your problems, but at least temporarily, hurting yourself numbs the pain of the external world.

It takes tremendous effort to live with affliction. Hardship is heavy. And it is not always easy, nor immediately possible to put it down. But I have learned that the energy it takes to hold on to hurt does not go to waste. Because the same strength, courage and perseverance it takes to fight your demons can be re-channeled. It’s a process of learning how to use your energy differently.

You already have within you the ability to turn your struggles into strength. Burdens are overcome by your courage to put them down. And pain can be transformed with perseverance. Hurt often holds the hidden key to unlocking your greatest healing. ~Britt?

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