Brittany Burgunder


?I wish I was… I wish this person didn’t… I wish I had… I wish this never happened… I wish I could be… I wish life were fair… I wish they would… I wish my family was… I wish I could be okay with myself… I wish I were better than… I wish I had chosen to… I wish I could stop comparing myself… I wish I wouldn’t worry so much… I wish -I wish –I wish!

This is so easy to do because it keeps us stuck living in the past, or the future. Our brains seek instant ways to escape present realities that are difficult to confront or accept. We all wish things about ourselves and about others. We also ponder the past and wonder about the future. How would my life be different if only …? What if this happens because …?

There is nothing wrong with wishes, hopes and worries. The problem lies in staying stuck between what was and what could be. You have to live in the present to move forward. There is a reason we are all unique. Remember, you never know who is wishing upon you.?

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