Brittany Burgunder


And once you realize it’s you whom your fighting, it’s you whom you doubt, it’s you that believes externals create happiness, it’s you that you can’t accept, it’s you that says you aren’t good enough, it’s you that lives for others approval instead of your own, it’s you that is afraid of life and feelings and once you realize it’s you that has the ability to stand up and say, “No! This isn’t how it’s going to be anymore!” Is when the bingeing, the restricting, the purging, the over-exercising, the self-harming, the fears, the hopelessness, the anxiety and regret stop. And it stops just like that in the blind of the night. You don’t know why, how or what; it’s just gone. And this is the beauty of it all. This is the beauty of the struggle, the journey and the triumph. This is you taking 100% of your being and choosing freedom for your soul, your heart and your mind. This is the art of letting go. ~Britt

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