Brittany Burgunder


What is recovery? Why do we fear it? Why is it something that seems so daunting we err on the side of relapse and staying stuck? I always feared that if I were recovered, all the expectations and pressures would come back into my life. I feared people would always expect me to be happy if I wasn’t sick or had a problem in my life. “Well, what if I were recovered, but still unhappy?” I feared. Just like my fears around success, I feared I’d have to keep recovery up perfectly.

So what is recovery really all fears aside? Recovery is falling seven times and standing up eight. Recovery is being so terrified to do something hard for you, but trying it anyway. Recovery is about honesty, the truth, and looking at the dark place you hold inside that you tried to ignore. Recovery is coming to terms that you are not a bad person and you deserve happiness and peace. Recovery is not a single ah-ha moment and recovery is normally not much fun or easy. Recovery is full of victories. It is also full of setbacks… but not relapses! Don’t allow a few little mistakes trigger you to throw in the towel and relapse completely. Get back up!

Recovery is different for everyone with no right way or time frame to achieve it. Don’t be afraid of it. Everyone can have recovery and deserves it no matter what no exceptions. If you are acting towards recovery, then you are recovering. If you are talking towards recovery, that’s a good first step, but you can only fool yourself for so long. Three step back, four steps forward. Two steps back, five steps forward. Two steps back, six steps forward. One step back, seven steps forward. Eight steps forward… ~Britt

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