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Written By Brittany Burgunder. Published by Elite Daily

Many women dream about their perfect wedding day.

The media floods our minds with images of fairytale weddings on magazine racks, TV shows, movies and Pinterest.

And who doesn’t want a wonderful experience on such a special day?

A wedding should be a memorable milestone, just like a first kiss, getting a driver’s license or moving out on your own.

But, there is an unspoken rule that the bride must obsess over presenting an image of perfect happiness, which unfortunately includes her appearance, and of course, the dress.

I have no problem with people wanting to live healthier lives through sustainable lifestyle changes, but I unfortunately know all too well the consequences of having poor body image.

When the pressure to change your body becomes an unhealthy priority, only negative consequences will follow.

And this is why I won’t be shedding for the wedding, and am offering 10 reasons why you shouldn’t, either.

1. You’ll be miserable and “hangry”

2. It’s unrealistic and unsustainable

3. Your family and friends should love and support you as you are

4. A wedding dress is beautiful on all bodies.

5. You don’t want to look through your wedding album seeing someone you never really were

6. If you’re so concerned with your body, you can’t focus on the joy of the moment

7. You’re fueling the fire that the media has set

8. The pressure to appear a certain way can turn into a vicious cycle

9. Your partner is marrying you, not your body

10. Happiness is what makes you beautiful, period

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