Brittany Burgunder


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Yes. Yes it does. But sometimes it slaps you to the ground. I look at these pictures and I still freeze. I can relive every detail and simultaneously stare blankly at a stranger. I can breakdown with tears that hold a suffocating amount of pain and simultaneously smile at what I have overcome. I can furiously yell at the Universe, “Why me! How could you put me through all this Hell, rob me of so much of my life and spit me back out?” and simultaneously thank the Universe knowing there must be a greater plan.

I post these transformations… but they aren’t easy to do. I post them as much for myself as I do in hopes to inspire others. Because I love the girl in the middle photo just as much as I love the girl on either side. It’s me… it will always be me! There was nothing wrong with me! There is nothing wrong with you! Look at yourself… it’s not your weight, your height, your age, your past, your job, your x-y-z.  It’s who you see as a person, as a human… with your dreams, intentions, hopes and love.

I can look at these pictures and think what a screw up or I can look at these pictures and love every step I took and continue to take towards a beautiful life. ~Britt

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