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Written By Brittany Burgunder. Published by Elite Daily

During the summer, most individuals feel the pressure to slim down to what’s considered “beach body ready.”

Unfortunately, some of these people may cross over the line of healthy dieting and exercise and develop an eating disorder.

Eating disorders are very difficult to overcome, and there are various stigmas and myths associated with the disease.

I know this because I struggled with severe anorexia, exercise addiction, binge eating and bulimia for over a decade, and I quickly learned about the depths of pain and loneliness.

For this reason, I want to shed light on the illness and dispel some of the common myths surrounding it.

1. Eating disorders are about vanity.

2. Eating disorders are a phase; they’re not serious.

3. You can tell who has an eating disorder just by looking.

4. Eating disorders are about food and weight.

5. Eating disorders only affect young women.

6. Family or a traumatic event is to blame.

7. Bulimics always throw up to purge.

8. Eating disorders are easy to beat – just eat more or less.

9. Once you get treatment for an eating disorder, you are cured.

10. Once you look healthy, you are recovered.

11. You can never recover from an eating disorder.

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