Brittany Burgunder


Braids are always a fun idea, but they look much better when you are happy and healthy. In the left photos I was anything but happy, yet I also had no idea what happy even felt like. I had become so used to my small world of misery and self-destruction that I thought how I felt was normal. I also truly believed I was healthy and dare I say even “fat” sometimes. Although I was approaching death, when I looked into the mirror I saw a girl I hated, not my appearance or weight.

And this is why eating disorders are so dangerous and so not about weight. They hijack your mind and numb reality. But you need to know that you can reclaim your mind. You can face the reality you so desperately want to escape and you can heal.

I can now look into the mirror and see that same girl… But this time it’s a girl I love. And loving yourself is what makes you the most beautiful person no matter what. So wear braids, wear whatever you want, embrace your individuality and stop belittling who you are in order to blend in. You were born to be happy, healthy and achieve your wildest dreams. ~Britt

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