Brittany Burgunder


A mirror is simply a reflection of perception. We do not see ourselves as we are. We do not see ourselves as a whole person. When we look in a mirror, we do not see our heart, our soul, our personality and our dreams. The mirror became an obsession for me. It became something I could rely on for instant feedback. But then… I couldn’t rely on how I processed that feedback. At my lowest and dying the mirror still told me I was not worthy of being called ‘anorexic.’

Now when I look in the mirror I see a girl full of light, happiness and strength. But I also see a survivor, a warrior and a girl who has been through so much pain. The mirror no longer decides whether I get to have a good day or bad day, whether I’m beautiful or ugly, whether I’m accepted or not. The mirror is not the enemy. Your relationship with yourself is. When we take away the power we so freely give to the mirror; we can start seeing ourselves through clear lenses. ~Britt

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